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Along with kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling has a negative impact on homeowners in terms of irritation, missed deadlines, and excessive expenses. Even though it might not seem imaginable, a beautiful yet reasonably priced bathroom redesign is quite doable. Bathroom renovations sometimes give the impression that everything needs to be torn out and redone, costing five figures.

But rejecting that idea is the first step in keeping bathroom renovation prices from soaring and in bringing everything back to reality.

Given the exorbitantly high cost of bathroom renovation, it pays to think creatively and look for better and less expensive options. You will have a clean, bright, and functioning bathroom after a low-cost and lean bathroom makeover, and you will also have a lot more money in your bank account for future remodels or other expenses.

Use Cheaper Look-Alike Materials

The greatest approach to save money is always to keep and renovate your current materials. However, if you must substitute materials, low-cost substitutes frequently resemble the originals astonishingly well.

Consider installing luxury vinyl flooring as an alternative to real wood planks, for instance. The appearance of vinyl flooring nowadays is much improved over older versions. Even from a distance, innovations like luxury vinyl flooring and vinyl panels may deceive the eye.

Today, granite competes with quartz and high-definition laminate for the look of genuine natural stone. Backsplashes made of faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tiles can approximate the appearance of marble and travertine.

Paint Your Wooden Floor

You may always replace a bathroom’s wooden floor with something more moisture-resistant, such tile, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl planks.

Alternatively, you might maintain your wooden floor and paint it with a protective enamel to save time, effort, and money. However, keep in mind that solid hardwood shouldn’t be your first pick for the flooring in your bathroom. However, if your home already has wooden flooring, this is one inexpensive approach to preserve them for as long as possible.

Refinish Your Tub Instead of Replacing It

The complete replacement of your bathtub should be your very last resort, at least financially.

Try refinishing or relining as an alternative. Refinishing bathtubs and showers is a perfect illustration of the maxim “Repair and maintain rather than remove.” You can refinish your shower or bathtub if the issue is primarily aesthetic, such as a yellowed surface and a few fractures and nicks.

As an alternative, bathtub and shower liners are more expensive than they appear to be and are never a long-term solution. Liners, which need professional installation, will last you a few years. Instead, bathtub refinishing is more affordable and frequently looks nicer.

Instead Of Refinishing It, Touch Up Your Tub.

A tub touch-up is the next option after resurfacing the complete tub surface. You can spot-fix a bathtub if it has nicks, gouges, and flaking paint but you don’t want to replace the entire surface.

Some solutions for touch-ups, like Super Glue White Porcelain Repair, are as simple to use as toothpaste.

Install New Hardware to Refresh Cabinets

It may get costly to buy and install new bathroom cabinets. Remove the outdated hardware from your existing cabinets and replace it with creative new hardware for a far simpler and more cheap method to breathe new life into them.

To make the process even simpler, check that the new hardware’s screw alignment lines up with the holes in your current cabinets before you buy it. No new holes will need to be drilled as a result.

Install a New Sink Faucet

A similar approach that designers and do-it-yourselfers both use to make a sink gleam without changing the entire top or vanity is adding a new sink faucet.

Sink faucets are simple, quick, and straightforward to install on your own, which is helpful. There is no need for you to hire a plumber. This not only speeds up the timeline but also reduces labor costs. It’s that simple; simply pick up the sink faucet in the morning and have it running before noon.

Putting in a Prefab Shower

Hiring a professional to create a bespoke tile shower from scratch is the most pricey choice for a new shower. Consider a prefabricated shower unit instead, which is often far less expensive even though site-built tile showers and tubs can be lovely and distinctive.

If you desire a tiled shower, you may save time and money by fusing a poly shower pan with the tile. It takes some time to construct a tiled shower pan, so it’s typically best left in the hands of experienced tile setters.

Paint Portions of the Interior by Yourself

Even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer can paint an interior. Due to the size of the task, you might want to think about hiring a professional painter for whole-house painting.

But take into account how little painting is required in restrooms. Mirrors, showers, tiling, cupboards, and bathtubs use the majority of the wall area. In the end, you’re just left with a little surface area to paint. You often only need a day or two to do this by yourself.

Do Your Own Plumbing Repairs

Doing your own plumbing makes you feel intimidated? Reconsider this. If hiring a plumber to conduct remodeling work makes you annoyed, take a moment to consider what you might be able to do on your own.

With the development of push-in fittings and plastic PEX plumbing pipes, even the least experienced do-it-yourself plumber may handle simple plumbing operations with relative ease. If your conception of plumbing labor is still stuck in the days of dealing with galvanized pipes or soldering copper pipes over an open flame, give this concept some serious thinking. PEX and push-in fittings can turn out to be the ideal solutions for your requirements.

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